Backwards label. Since 2011.

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BW01  Fabio Orsi ‎- Von Zeit Zu Zeit LP
BW02  Control Unit - The Fugitives LP
BW03  Clara Engel - Tender LP
BW04  Wakinyan - Copal Flow LP
BW05  M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) ‎- Das Testament LP
BW06  Aidan Baker - Smudging LP
BW07  Claudio Rocchetti ‎- Some Songs LP single-sided
BW08  Factrix & Control Unit - Elegy For Rusted Souls LP+7"
BW09  Mirt - Heading South LP
BW10  Fabio Orsi / Claudio Rocchetti - Cascando LP
BW11  Rinji Fukuoka / Michel Henritzi / Luca Massolin - Weather Report LP
BW12  Machinefabriek - Drum Solos LP
BW13  Control Unit - Bloody Language 7"
BW14  Mike Cooper ‎- Light On A Wall LP
BW15  Mirt ‎- Bad Times 7"
BW16  Maurizio Bianchi & Ryan Martin - As Strong As Death Is 2xLP
BW17  tba
BW18  Fabio Orsi ‎- Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell'Assoluto Stupore BOX Set (BOOK + LP Picture Disc)
BW18-re  Fabio Orsi ‎- Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell'Assoluto Stupore LP Picture Disc only
BW19  My Cat Is An Alien ‎- The Dance Of Oneirism 2xLP + Booklet
BW20  Various Artists: Nostra Signora Delle Tenebre 2xLP
BW21  Father Murphy ‎- Lamentations 10"
BW22  Lay Llamas - The Lay Llamas LP
BW23  Benoit Pioulard ‎- Seize / Marre 7"
BW24  Mike Cooper - Distant Songs Of Madmen LP
BW25  Troum ‎- AIWS LP
BW26  tba
BW27  Maurizio Abate ‎- The Maadi Sessions LP
BW28  Almagest! ‎- Fun House Mirrors LP
BW29  Fabio Orsi / Pier Alfeo ‎- Split LP Lathe-Cut
BW30  Lay Llamas With Alfio Antico ‎- Malophòros / Mondi Di Pietra 7"
BW31  tba
BW32  Konstrukt feat. Graham Massey & David Andrew McLean ‎- Live At Islington Mill LP
BW33  Dead Gum - Meta LP
BW34  Silent Carnival - Somewhere LP
BW35  Fabio Orsi - Sterminato Piano LP
BW39  Jennifer Gentle - Jennifer Gentle 2xLP
BW40  tba
BW41  Vox Populi! - La Cathédrale Morte LP
BW42  Muni - Soma LP
BW43  Lay Llamas & JuJu - Flag Of Breeze LP one-sided
BW44  Fabio Orsi & Massimo Amato - Inerte LP (mid 2024)
BW46  Luca Giovanardi (Julie's Haircut) - Storia Notturna LP (November 25th)

Compact Disc
BWCD01  Fabio Orsi ‎- Endless Autumn CD [ltd.1000]
BWCD02  Dubit ‎- Vitriol CD [ltd.500]
BWCD03  Almagest! - Fun House Mirrors CD [ltd.300]
BWCD04  Massimo Magrini ‎- Vrachnas CD [ltd.400]
BWCD05  Silent Carnival - Somewhere CD [ltd.300]
BWCD06  Mouse And Sequencers ‎(Nicola Giunta/Lay Llamas) - Didactic Music CD [ltd.300]
BWCD07  Fabio Orsi ‎- Di Lumi E Chiarori 4xCD BOX Set [ltd.250]
BWCD08  Saverio Rosi & TeZ - Rote Um CD [ltd.300]
BWCD09  Fabio Orsi - Waltzing The Dune CD [ltd.300]
BWCD10  tba
BWCD11  Fabio Orsi & Alessandra Guttagliere - Arcoiris CD + Booklet [ltd.200]
BWCD12  Massimo Amato & Fabio Orsi - Inerte CD [ltd.300]
BWCD13  Sun Forest (Nicola Caleffi solo / Julie's Haircut / Muni) - Chanting The Square Deific CD [ltd.300]
BWCD14  Fabio Orsi - Fiori Sonanti CD [ltd.150]