Massimo Amato & Fabio Orsi - Inerte CD

Massimo Amato & Fabio Orsi - Inerte CD

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Format: CD
Label: Backwards - BWCD12 (Italy, 2023)
Edition: 300 copies in digi-sleeve ecopack
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo, Ambient
Info & Description (from the original label info):

First collaboration between Massimo Amato (also known for his acclaimed "La Centrale Elettrica" album), and Fabio Orsi, born from a mutual esteem that later became a solid friendship. The collaboration was born from an exchange of material, which immediately creates a synergy and an understanding between them. The six tracks of "Inerte" draw inspiration from the composition of noble gases, creating the perfect synthesis between the sidereal and electronic sounds created by Fabio Orsi and the warm improvisations of Massimo Amato. Ambient textures with punctual rhythms, abstract and melodic electronica that create dreamy atmospheres for a journey that we wish would never end... Limited edition of 300 copies in an elegant digisleeve ecopack. The vinyl version will be available in mid 2023.

Fabio Orsi and Massimo Amato play: Synths, Sequencers, Effects
Artwork: Nicola Giunta

01. HELIUM 3:52 min
02. RADON 6:08 min
03. ARGON 6:20 min
04. KRYPTON 7:16 min
05. NEON 8:36 min
06. OGANESSON 6:37 min