Ricerca Sonora

A Backwards sister label devoted to Avant-Garde, Sound-Art, Fluxus, Sound Poetry, Field Recording and experimentation in general.
You can listen our releases on the Bandcamp page.
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RS1  Philip Corner ‎- Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal LP
RS2  Michel Vogel / Philip Corner / Phœbe Neville - Musiques Des Ailes / Wingéd Music LP [ltd.300]
RS3  Fabio Orsi ‎- Wannsee LP single-sided [ltd.200]
RS4  Kommissar Hjuler / Mama Bär / Ninni Morgia / Silvia Kastel ‎- Live In Edinburgh LP [ltd.200]
RS5  Philip Corner ‎- Battutosso / Bone Pulse (And Other Nature Musics) LP [ltd.300]
RS6  The New Blockaders - 'Changez Les Blockeurs' (reworked) LP <forthcoming>
RS7  Various Artists: Changez Retravaillé 3xCD [ltd.300]
RS8  tba
RS9  Pier Alfeo ‎- Works 2016 - 2018 LP single-sided [ltd.300]
RS10 Massimo Toniutti - Autofonia (Il Clangore Della Propria Voce Nell'Orecchio) 2xLP
RS11  Polisonum - 778FS CASSETTE + Booklet [ltd.125]
RS12  Andrea De Franco (Fera) - Fragile Fragile Fragile CASSETTE [ltd.30]