Dubit ‎- Vitriol CD
Dubit ‎- Vitriol CD
Dubit ‎- Vitriol CD
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Dubit ‎- Vitriol CD

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Format: CD
Label: Backwards ‎- BWCD02 (Italy, 2017)
Edition: 500 copies / 6 pages matt-varnished ecopack
Genre: Electronic, Experimental, Dark Ambient
Info & Description (from the original label info):
Spiritual research and constant need for inner transformation. These are the key elements in the compositional style of Dubit, Pier Alfeo's moniker, the Apulian countryside-based electronic musician and producer whose Backwards is proud to issue "Vitriol", his second full length.
This ten-track album, which resumes the Backwards' CD-series started in 2013 with Fabio Orsi's “Endless Autumn”, has taken more than one year of work, using both analogue instruments (such as Spring Reverb, pedals, [D]ronin, Moog etc ...) and digital synthesis techniques. For its realization, Dubit also built by himself acoustic instruments composed of metal elements, strips, strings, barrels, amphorae as resonance boxes, and used prepared pianos, traditional Spanish instruments, didgeridoo, harmonica, snare drums and cymbals as well.
As in an alchemical process made of sounds, “Vitriol” blends in with powerful dark ambient, post-industrial music, some elements from techno and field recordings, drawing distopic landscapes in the sky. It's as if Raison d'être met Shackleton in the recording room to create a soundtrack for the end of the world. “Vitriol” comes in an edition of 500 CDs. Released in a matt-varnished ecopack. Artwork by Italian illustrator Master Easter.

Pier Alfeo, aka Dubit, lives for a few years in Berlin, where he leaves the sign by founding the label Several Reasons Recordings and Soluxion Lab mastering and sound design studio. After a series of singles and Eps, Dubit comes to his first full length “Fragmenti”, a large and articulated album in which he examines the particles of our everyday reality in relation to time, space, our inner experiences and primordial fears that hold us back.
Towards the middle of 2015, he returns near Bari where he starts composing his new record “Vitriol” and in 2016 he begins his course in Electroacoustic Composition, Multimedia and Music Computer Programming at the Electronic Music School in the Bari Conservatory. During his studies, he continues his specialization by designing Sound Art installations, studying and interpreting Acusmatic Music at Acusmonium in the “Space Silence” in Bari and creating Electroacoustic pieces through algorithmic compositing techniques.

1 Visita 8:49
2 Interiora 6:11
3 Columba 4:50
4 Tectum 16:38
5 Terrae 5:24
6 Invenies 5:54
7 Rectificando 5:53
8 Dives 4:53
9 Occultum 6:45
10 Lapidem 8:41