Anton Bruhin ‎- Rotomotor CD [special edition]

Anton Bruhin ‎- Rotomotor CD [special edition]

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Format: CD
Label: Alga Marghen ‎- plana-B 6TES.041 (Italy, 2022)
Edition: special edition re-packed in a brown envelope with an exclusive stamp
Genre: Spoken Word, Avantgarde
Info & Description (from the original label info):
Sound poetry, concrète collage and tape music abstractions with unique feel for acoustics, spanning works from 1976-1978. Originally issued in 2001 by alga marghen, this new edition is presented for the first time in a brown paper stamped envelope and has been made available in very limited quantities. This compact disc by Anton Bruhin covers two different areas of the artist's research.
The first one is represented by a group of works including the short and mysterious environmental recording “ORAX” as well as “Lange Tone”, “VERSUCHPILZ 6” and ”Paul is 35”, three excerpts from the epic “MC-10 zyklus” created between 1976 and 1977 recording various layers of sound sources on two cassette recorders with loudspeakers. The complete work consists of 12 different episodes (each one ten minutes long) which investigate the multi-layer ping-pong recording technique; the spatial illusion of the mono-aural replay which moves away from the listener's ears into the depth of space. Far away sounds coming from a cosmic dimension or from an abyssal space, moving fore and back. The loss of sound quality considered as stoned space improvement.
“r o t o m o t o r”, subtitled “ein motorische Idiotikon”, the title track, is a 28 minutes long reading, one of Bruhin's major works. “r o t o m o t o r” is a poetic Idiotikon of the swiss-german dialect where, instead of the straight alphabetical order, the words are organized according to the similarities of their letters (each word differ from the previous one by just one letter). For this reading a delay equipment which repeated the signal after 0.6 seconds was used and each word is superimposed to the echo of the preceding one. On one hand this echo generates the rhythm of the performance, on the other it supports the acoustic metamorphosis of the words.
What results from the whole program is maybe difficult to describe, maybe more easily perceivable in a state of alternate consciousness. But surely a quite unique sense of acoustics approach; so no surprise to see him mentioned in the mythical Nurse With Wound reference list. Chance meeting in an Alpine chalet of a roto-Bruhin and an AKRE."

CD from 2001 re-packed in a brown envelope with an exclusive stamp.

Orax - October 12, 1976
Lange Töne - October 27, 1976
Vesuchspilz 6 - April 16, 1977
Paul Is 35 - April 4, 1977
Rotormotor written in Zürich in 1976/77; recorded at Sunrise Studio in August 1978.
Another excerpt from the MC-10 Zyklus titled "Wochenwende", Zürich, March 8, 1977, has been issued on Anton Bruhin - InOut.

1 Orax 3:23
2 Lange Töne 10:35
3 Versuchpilz 6 10:13
4 Paul Is 35 9:44
5 Rotomotor 28:17
Video Untitled 1:38