Anthon Shield ‎- La Fraternité LP

Anthon Shield ‎- La Fraternité LP

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Format: vinyl LP
Label: Nuit Et Brouillard ‎- NB.V.06 (France, 2022)
Edition: 447 copies on white vinyl
Genre: Cold Wave, Minimal Synth
Info & Description (from the original label info):
Reissue of the same-titled tape, originally out in 1986 on CPM Records (as CPM 008) in a limited edition of around 50 copies.
ANTHON SHIELD is the alias Usher (the Composer, Synthesizer, Organ player and backing vocalist from the legendary french coldwave band NORMA LOY), used in the 80ties to release his musical creative outputs.
Minimal experimental electronic music, sometimes rhythmical, sometimes ambient in the way of NORMA LOY early recordings.
The artist himself considers this vinyl edition of “La Fraternité” more as a new release than as a simple reissue. The album was indeed entirely remastered, it comes with new graphic artwork by Reed 013 and of course in a much larger run than the first.
Limited edition of 447 copies on white vinyl including a 45x62cm silk-screen poster on 120 g deluxe textured black paper.

Anthon "Usher" Shield: synthéthiseurs, séquenceur, voix, vocoder, TV, supervision et conduite spirituelle.
Christine: Voix féminine.
Arnovah: mixage, sampler, opérations MIDI, effets, cuts, guitare sur "Its Christmas".

Music and words by Usher except 'Le salut du Corps et de l'Esprt" ; "Tutuguri" ; "Assomption" Usher/Arnovah.- "Romance" Usher/Chelsea.

Recorded at CPM Lodge (1984).
First publication on CPM Records (CPM 008).

LP comes in a limited edition to 447 copies on white vinyl including a folded 65x42 cm silk-screened poster printed white on matte black deluxe textured paper 145 g - manufacturing L'Amateurie