summerTales ‎(Lay Llamas) - summerTales LP
summerTales ‎(Lay Llamas) - summerTales LP
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summerTales ‎(Lay Llamas) - summerTales LP

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Format: vinyl LP
Label: Les Giants ‎- LES 004 (Italy, 2021)
Edition: 120 copies on black vinyl
Genre: Krautrock, Art Rock, Experimental
Info & Description (from the original label info):
summerTales is basically the sonic history of a friendship, a long-term and ongoing friendship. Guido Broglio and I grew up in the same town, Castelvetrano, in the southest part of the southestmost region of Italy, Sicily. We started to make music, playing guitars and percussion together, shouting Beatles tunes at the campfires we used to have in the summertime, on the wonderful beach of our beloved holiday place, Selinunte. There were really magical moments, which are still warm memories of ours, after more then 20 years.

It was during those peaceful nights that we spent only a few feet away from the Mediterranean sea that we started to talk about a different way to play music- a more playful way, without chords, or well-played notes, or in-time drumming, or intelligible lyrics. Our very first instrumental set up consisted of a couple of contact microphones, a turntable, a few cheap fuzz and delay pedals, a loop station and a Casio keyboard. No plans. Nothing at all. summerTales' first recording session ever was done in the living room of my parents' house. After our first listen, we immediately loved those dusty and crooked sounds very much, full of melancholic laziness and sunburned memories. Our summer tales had taken shape.
A stoned shape, maybe. Our own shape, anyway.
- Nicola Giunta -

120 copies - limited ed.
The cover is made of high quality organic recycled paper, printed by silkscreen.
The artwork is by Nicola Giunta.

A1 - Temples And Shrines
A2 - The Wolf Is Dead!
A3 - Sheep's Milk
B1 - Campfire By The Beach
B2 - 1001 Ways To Break A Glass