Paul Schütze ‎- Without Thought CD

Paul Schütze ‎- Without Thought CD

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Format: CD
Label: Auf Abwegen ‎- AATP77 (Germany, 2020)
Edition: -
Genre: Electronic, Ambient
Info & Description (from the original label info):
Without Thought: Installation sound

Without Thought was conceived as an installation work for:
video projection
stereo sound
stereo fragrance

The first component was the film, shot in Greece in 2016. The vantage point is a clifftop I have visited many times. A strange sense that the water curves up into the hemisphere of the sky here is always startling. The surface of the sea perpetually coruscates with patterns describing wind movement. The entire landscape feels sentient.

The sound was constructed in direct response to the image. The stereo image is unusual in that it has no centre. Every element is perpetually moving in the image field. For this reason, it works best heard through speakers. The sound is both harmonically, structurally and texturally unresolving and fluid. My aim was to amplify the emphatic formlessness of the waters.

The olfactory elements were created last. They began as a complete fragrance encompassing both the marine and terrestrial aspects of the place. The image you see, while excluding the land necessitates the viewer be land-bound so the two zones are inextricably connected in this film. The complete fragrance was then split into earth and sea elements. The two groupings are diffused from positions in the space mirroring those of the sound diffusion. The two scents blend to varying degrees in the space depending upon the position and movement of the viewer/auditor/olfactory. The complete work rewards physical movement with subtle variation in the sonic and olfactory perspectives

“It is only after you have come to know the surface of things...that you can venture to seek what is underneath. But the surface of things is inexhaustible.”
Italo Calvino, Mr Palomar (1985)

This work continues a theme of anti-narrative which has been present in my sound-works for nearly four decades.
We make stories to emboss meaning onto the surfaces of life. Those surfaces shrug of our scribbling like leviathans in troubled slumber.
Paul Schütze - London (2020)

1 Without Thought 64:48